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COVID-19 Testing

Have COVID-19 symptoms? Want to know if you've previously had COVID-19? Schedule a test with us! 

We offer Rapid Antigen COVID-19 tests, which checks samples to find out if you are currently infected with COVID-19. We also offer COVID-19 Antibody Tests, to see if you had a past infection with the virus that causes COVID-19.

Sync-Rite Program

Our Sync-Rite program lets your medication regimen work with your schedule, not against it — no more trips across town multiple times a month, just to pick up a single prescription. Our team will take your existing medications and "synchronize" them to all be picked up or delivered together at the same time each month.

colorful medications on calendar


Getting vaccinated against preventable diseases is the best way to protect our community, especially because some of the most vulnerable often are not eligible for many vaccines. Let us help you protect your friends, family, and neighbors!


We are proud to offer a variety of vaccines, including: flu, shingles, pneumonia, TDaP (Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Pertussis), Hep A, and COVID-19.

Medication Delivery

Our delivery service helps ensure that you stay on track with your medication regimen by delivering prescriptions straight to your door. 

Medication delivery is available to all Save-Rite patients within a 10-mile radius of our pharmacy, for a delivery fee. If you're enrolled in our Sync-Rite program, patients you can receive this service free of charge

Over 10-miles away? Ask us about our delivery options!

Our Services

Ranger Ready Repellent

Ranger Ready repellent is more than just bug spray. It is effective in protecting you, your kids and your pets from ticks and mosquitoes. 

  • Safe wearable repellent for you, kids, pets and your gear

  • 12-hour protection from ticks and mosquitoes

  • Made with picaridin 20%, the safe & effective DEET alternative

  • A must-have for any outdoor activity, year round

Medicare Part D Reviews

Medicare Part D Open Enrollment runs October 15 - December 7, and is your chance to compare plans and change plans, if needed. Our pharmacy provides free plan reviews to help ensure you pick the best coverage for YOUR needs.

Plans change every year. We may help you find a different plan that saves you money. Call us to book your free review this fall!

Our Services

CBD Products

Let’s talk about CBD products! CBD (cannabidiol) is a natural, non-addictive, active compound found in hemp plants. People — and pets — have a system dedicated to cellular regulation, and CBD can help strengthen this communication!

It’s important to work with your trusted pharmacist to ensure you’re receiving the best advice for selecting a CBD product to add to your regimen.

Vitamins & Supplements

Even if you are leading a healthy lifestyle and eating right, you may still be lacking essential vitamins and minerals. This is especially true if you are taking maintenance medications for chronic conditions like high blood pressure or cholesterol, which can deplete your nutrients and leave you dealing with unpleasant side effects. Luckily, we can help! We stock affordable, quality vitamins, such as SolutionsRx and Ortho Molecular to give your body the boost it needs to restore depleted nutrients.

Suffer from the sniffles of allergies? Try Natural D-Hist! 


Are you ready to simplify your medication management? We can package your prescription in easy-to-read multi-dose Med-Planners. Whether you are looking for ways to maintain independence or options that can keep up with your lifestyle, our packaging program is right for you!

  • Easy-to-tear packs are less bulky and more portable than other options

  • Easy-to-follow labels identify medications and include dosage instructions

  • Easy-to-manage medication regimens get even smoother with our included review

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